An Exclusive Interview with Anthony Rossi, VP, Global Business Development at Loop

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Anthony Rossi, VP, Global Business Development at Loop is giving the opening Keynote on Day 2 at American Packaged.  In the build up to their recent Launches in Europe and the United States, we caught up with Anthony to hear more about the challenges that brought Loop into existence and plans for the future.

What do you see as being the key changes in the industry in the next 5 years?

We hope Loop is the catalyst that shows consumers can use durable packaging without forgoing convenience and that durable packaging becomes the norm. We can’t recycle our way out of the garbage crisis, so using durable, re-usable packaging is essential. In addition to reusable packaging, the packaging industry will continue to integrate post-consumer recycled plastic into packaging. 

Where did the idea of creating Loop come from?

TerraCycle is known for recycling typically hard-to-recycle materials and integrating them back into new products. We also run the world’s largest supply chain on ocean plastic. However, recycling isn’t solving for waste at the root cause. That is really where the core of Loop emerged. The root cause of waste is disposability – it’s using things once and throwing them away.

What is Loop’s process from production to delivery?

Loop participants order household products online which are then delivered to the consumer’s doorstep via UPS in a Loop tote. Once the products are used, the empty containers are placed back into the tote which is placed on the customer’s doorstep and picked up by UPS. The empties are brought to a cleaning facility where they are sanatized and then returned to brands to be refilled. The containers will then cycle around again.

In this initial phase consumers will shop through the Loop website for products. The next phase is an integrated model where products are ordered through the retailer’s website. The third phase is integrated in-store, where the consumer buys the products in store and returns empty containers to the store.

What are Loop’s plans for the future after launching in May?

In May, Loop will launch in Paris and New York. Loop is planning to scale by adding more consumers to each active market as well as expanding to new markets including London (late 2019), Toronto (2020), California (2020), and Tokyo (2020.)

Loop will be expanding nationally and internationally to cities identified as opportunities based on a range of factors, including the places that our retailer and brand partners identify as growth targets. Loop will partner with a U.S. retailer to make Loop products accessible to as many consumers as possible via e-commerce and in-store locations across the country.

What were the main challenges when creating Loop?

One of the initial challenges was getting the founding partners to sign on. However, once these companies joined they set the stage and since then it has been surprisingly easy to bring partners on board. Another main challenge is to ask a consumer to change the way they access the products they love. We asked why disposability caught on in the first place – and it is because it is convenient and affordable. So, we looked at how to integrate those qualities within the Loop platform to make it easy for a consumer to participate without sacrifices. Lastly, scaling up and the growth of Loop will depend on if the service catches on among consumers. So far, have received overwhelmingly positive feedback but until the pilot launches, we will not know how successful it will be.

What do you hope delegates will walk away with from your session at 4th American Packaged Summit 2019?

Delegates who are interested in the future of consumption will walk away understanding how consumer interest is translated into product design. Consumers value convenience and affordability, and this insight guided the development of the Loop model. In addition, Loop packages are designed to be durable and aesthetically pleasing. The goal of Loop is to create a system that makes it easy for a consumer to shop and consume – while greatly improving the delivery, design and features of products -- and solve environmental issues in the process.

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